The Hoppings 2017

As a child, my favourite part of the summer was the arrival of The Hoppings every single June on the town moor in Newcastle. The loud music, ghost trains and smell of fried onions on burgers are so nostalgic to me. I actually think the smell of burger vans are one of my all-time favourite smells because of that memory. The second I smell it, my nostrils flare.. “I SMELL BURGERS”.

 My most favourite ride has got to be the Waltzer. I always went on these with my mum when I was younger and now me and Eric go on them all the time. Though I don’t always enjoy that I bash the back of my head on the metal seat every single time I’m on one, I never learn.

This year, to keep the annual tradition, Eric and I decided to go as a “date”. Although I’m unable to go on to bigger rides (terrible, terrible motion sickness), we still had so much fun. I could walk around the Hoppings for ages watching other peoples faces and reactions on the rides. Especially when you see kids, trying to be big and they absolutely poop themselves when they’re actually on the rides… I’m evil, I know!

I was determined to get a palm reading this year by Gypsy Rosa Lee but the queue was far too long and I’m far too impatient. So I settled for Gypsy Rosa Lee’s granddaughter (apparently). Big mistake. I was so unimpressed I found it more humorous than anything else. She basically told me a load of rubbish… £10 down the drain!

At least Eric made up for my disappointment by having a couple games of darts and winning me a teddy, so I called him Gypsy and he now lives with pride of place on my shelf. The look of the stall holders face when Eric accidentally stabbed a large hanging Scooby-Doo with the dart rather than the dart board made my night.

We finished off with raiding the £1 sweet stall; grabbing large bags of rock mishaps, candy floss and my customary sugar dummy, which I have also gotten every, single, year. I can’t help myself. Next year I must remember to buy my Nanna a coconut, this year I totally forgot, my bad! With the spare change we had a last ride, on the traditional Victorian carousel. I personally think they’re so beautiful, I’d totally hire one of those at my wedding, and ride it over and over again. So although I may not be the most daring person, the important part of the hopping’s has got to be the sweets and the waltzer anyway so, best evening ever in my books!

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