100 Quick Questions - Get To Know Me!

Get to know a little about me in this fun 100 quick questions quiz. It’s so random, I love it! Credit to marshalljonesjr.com for the questions.

1.    Coffee or tea?

TEA. I actually can’t stand the taste or smell of coffee.

2.    Black and white or color?

Colour, I love vibrancy!

3.    Drawings or paintings?

Paintings, especially oils.

4.    Dresses or skirts?

Dresses. They’re much more flattering on me!

5.    Books or movies?

Movies! I’m a very visual person!

6.    Pepsi or Coke?

I want to say Coke, but my fridge is filled with Pepsi Max… 

7.    Chinese or Italian?

SO HARD. I guess, Chinese.

8.    Early bird or night owl?

Early bird. I hate feeling like I’ve wasted a day! 

9.    Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate all the way.

10. Introvert or extrovert?

100% introvert.

11. Hugs or kisses?


12. Hunting or fishing?

Fishing. I used to go as a child.

13. Winter or summer?


14. Spring or fall?

Fall. It’s so beautiful this time of year.

15. Rural or urban?

Rural. I like a quiet life!

16. PC or Mac?

Custom made PC, so much better.

17. Tan or pale?

I wish I could say tan but I’m forever going to be a milk bottle.

18. Cake or pie?

CAKE, for sure. 

19. Ice cream or yogurt?

Ice cream. Especially Mr Whippy. 

20. Ketchup or mustard?


21. Sweet pickles or dill pickles?

Ew, neither. Can’t stand them!

22. Comedy or mystery?

OOOO, probably comedy, I love to laugh.

23. Boots or sandals?

Boots. I hate my little gremlin toes!

24. Silver or gold?


25. Jazz or classical?

Jazz. I like to dance!

26. Dancing or singing?

Dancing… I’m a terrible singer!

27. Checkers or chess?

Neither really, but I suppose chess!

28. Board games or video games?

Video games for this gamer girl!

29. Wine or beer?

Neither, one tastes like pee and one tastes like vinegar. Gross.

30. Freckles or dimples?

Dimples are sweet.

31. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce?

BBQ sauce.

32. Body weight exercises or lifting weights?

Body weight exercises. Though I’m totally unfit. I'm more of a "walker"...

33. Baseball or basketball?

Baseball, kind of like rounders, right?

34. Crossword puzzles or sudokus?

Crosswords. I’m not a fan of anything involving numbers.

35. Facial hair or clean shaven?

I love a beard on my men!

36. Crushed ice or cubed ice?

Cubed ice, I have such sensitive teeth I can’t drink with crushed ice.

37. Skiing or snowboarding?

I’ve not tried any! I’d love to try skiing though.

38. Smile or game face?

I love a smiley face.

39. Bracelet or necklace?

Necklace. Bracelets seem to get in the way a lot.

40. Fruit or vegetables?

I actually can’t really eat either… but if I had to choose; veg I guess.

41. Sausage or bacon?


42. Scrambled or fried?

Scrambled! I hate the texture of yolk!

43. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

Dark chocolate.

44. Tattoos or piercings?

I have both! I prefer tattoos.

45. Antique or brand new?


46. Dress up or dress down?

Dress up.

47. Cowboys or aliens?

Aliens, much more interesting.

48. Cats or dogs?

Crazy dog lady here.

49. Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes with a tonne of golden syrup.

50. Bond or Bourne?

100% Bond.

51. Sci-Fi or fantasy?


52. Numbers or letters?

Letters… I’m a blogger!

53. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars. 

54. Fair or theme park?

I love the simplicity of the fair, and the carousel!

55. Money or fame?

Probably money. Can buy my dogs lots of things!

56. Washing dishes or doing laundry?

Laundry is so much easier.

57. Snakes or sharks?

I suppose snakes.

58. Orange juice or apple juice?

Neither… but Orange if I had to pick.

59. Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day.

60. Slacker or over-achiever?

Over-achiever for definite.

61. Pen or pencil?


62. Peanut butter or jelly?

Jelly (or Jam here in the UK).

63. Grammys or Oscars?


64. Detailed or abstract?

Detailed. I’m super visual and appreciate fine detail.

65. Multiple choice questions or essay questions?

Essay questions. I like to write!

66. Adventurous or cautious?

I’m definitely a more cautious person.

67. Saver or spender?

I’m 100% a spender.

68. Glasses or contacts?

I wear contact lenses.

69. Laptop or desktop?

Desktop. Laptops are slow.

70. Classic or modern?


71. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?

Personal chef.

72. Internet or cell phone?


73. Call or text?


74. Curly hair or straight hair?

My hair is naturally straight but I prefer curly.

75. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening?

I love a bath on the evening.

76. Spicy or mild?

Mild. My body can NOT handle any kind of spice!

77. Marvel or DC?

This is SO hard. But I’d to go with DC for Harley.

78. Paying a mortgage or paying rent?

We’re aiming for a mortgage!

79. Sky dive or bungee jump?

I’d prefer to bungee, at least then I’m attached!

80. Oreos or Chips Ahoy?


81. Jello or pudding?


82. Truth or dare?

Truth. I like to know things.

83. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?

Ferris Wheel. I go on them every time I can!

84. Leather or denim?

Denim. I do not suit leather. 

85. Stripes or solids?


86. Bagels or muffins?


87. Whole wheat or white?

I’m not allowed whole wheat so, white, ha. 

88. Beads or pearls?

Pearls are beautiful.

89. Hardwood or carpet?

Carpet. I have baby feet.

90. Bright colors or neutral tones?

I wish I could say bright. But my closet is mostly neutral tones.

91. Be older than you are or younger than you are?

Probably younger.

92. Raisins or nuts?

I can’t have nuts either! Has this turned into a what I can and can’t eat? Raisins.

93. Picnic or nice restaurant?

Nice restaurant.

94. Black leather or brown leather?


95. Long hair or short hair?

Short. Easier to deal with!

96. “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim”?

Ready, aim, fire?

97. Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction. I love facts and documentary’s. 

98. Smoking or non-smoking? Non-smoking.

99. Think before you talk or talk before you think?

Think before you talk. So important.

100. Asking questions or answering questions?

I much prefer to do the asking!

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