Dog Games Perfect Fit Harnesses: REVIEW

The Dog-Games Perfect Fit Harnesses... it says it in the name really! They're harnesses designed to have the perfect fit on all dogs.

After trying several types of harnesses over the years of owning Charlie and Daisy, I can honestly say these harnesses are the best I have tried yet, so I will be giving an honest review of our experience with them.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of the material. The fleece is very soft, and comfortable for the dogs to wear, which is something I was definitely looking for. I also liked that you could pick different coloured fleece; of course I wanted pink for Daisy and blue for Charlie. They have to match, but I have to show Charlie is a boy, otherwise everyone assumes he's a girl for some reason!

The harness itself is modular and comes in 3 parts, making it easy to adjust the size according to your dogs body shape which I thought was amazing. You can buy all 3 parts separately and in different sizes. The  'top piece', which sits on the top of the dogs back, has the typical back harness ring to attach a leash to. However, the best part is the 'front piece' where you can opt for a second, front ring to attach a leash to. This means it can be used as a front attaching harness with a double ended lead, to gain greater control of a dog that may pull on the lead. So it can be a great training aid for those pesky pullers. 

I have 2 terriers which are completely different in shape. Charlie is short and bulky, while Daisy is slender and lean, so I bought them completely different sizes despite being the same breed. The options for sizes are much more varied than any other harness I've bought. 

The website itself can be a little confusing, or at least I found it confusing, since dogs may need 3 complete different sizes just for one harness! There is a breed chart and a calculator to put in your dogs measurements.  I just gave them an email and they were more than happy to help, which was very nice of them. 

Another thing I liked... it's machine washable! I do recommend putting them inside a pillow case though, otherwise the clasps will just clunk around the washer. The fact you can stick them in a washer is a huge help when you have mucky terriers like mine. Who has time for hand washing these days? Or maybe I'm just lazy.

The only negative I really have to say about these harnesses is that fleece absorbs water. They absorb up mucky puddles, river water and can get a bit 'heavy' if it's a rainy day. It's easily solved by putting them in the washing machine afterwards, or hanging them on the radiator after a walk, so I don't mind that much.

Not going to lie, these harnesses have gone through a LOT. My dogs like mud baths, they swim in lakes and the sea, they've rolled in dreaded fox poop. Daisy has dragged these harnesses through bramble bushes and down a rabbit hole. They've even been up Hellvelyn in the Lake District. They are are still going strong. I'm very impressed with the durability.

I can say I definitely recommend these harnesses, whether your dog is a puller and you need some added control with a front attaching harness, or you just want a comfortable, but durable, every day harness. They're even good as comfortable wear for more active dogs that go hiking.

Find the Dog-Games harnesses here

Disclaimer: this blog is not sponsored or a paid advertisement. These harnesses were bought from my own money, and these opinions were formed from my own experience using the product.

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