Why I hate playing Mercy on Overwatch

Sometimes I do wonder why I still choose to play Mercy on Overwatch. I play games to relieve stress, and being a Mercy on the wrong kind of team can end up really boiling your blood. Here are 5 things that REALLY ruin the game for Mercy players.

I cannot heal from beyond the grave. 
By that I mean, if I’m dead you need to give me a chance to get back to you and heal you. Stop saying “I need healing” over and over again. Pay attention to what’s happening on your team. Just because I’m a healer, doesn’t mean I’m invincible. I’m squishier than you are. It’s easier to kill me. A good opposing team would focus on me… it’s your job to take the damage away from me.

I'm not a solo healer.
If our 2nd heal isn’t really contributing at all, as soon as I die, the whole team will die. Even when there’s a Lucio or Zenyatta; it’s always the Mercy’s fault. God damn that Mercy, how dare you not heal me for every second of the game. If I am solo healing, don't expect me to work miracles.

Res? Res? Res? Res?
I need healing. I need healing. I need healing. My res is on 40%, stop asking me to resurrect you. Especially when you’re a soloing Genji who is constantly dying because you don’t know how to play. No, I will not res you. And god damn you Genji, if you say “I need healing” when you’re across the other side of the map one more time, I will throw myself off this cliff. I can’t fly through walls, ceilings, or to the other side of the map.

Mercy WTF? Mercy? We lost because of you.
So you blame a whole team loss on a single player. Sure it wasn’t the fact that our DPS kept trickling onto the point instead of regrouping, which just charges their ultimate’s. D.Va, why didn’t you use Defence Matrix to block Soldiers ultimate from killing the whole team? Reinhardt, why did you use your charge, and go right off the side of the map? Why did we have a god damn Widowmaker on attack who can’t aim? Of course, it’s always entirely Mercy’s fault.

You got Play of the Game?
All you did was resurrect the whole team… I got a triple kill. Sorry, I didn’t mean for my full team resurrect to hurt your ego. I do apologise. Next time I'll try not to resurrect as many people.

I absolutely love when you end up in a team with players that support other team mates, rather than complain about ending their winning streak, or not doing as well as they hoped. Can we please just enjoy playing the game? Thanks. Sometimes it’s much easier when you play with a group of online friends, rather than single stacking in competitive.

We're playing a low ranking. I'm not some kind of professional gamer. I play for fun. I'm only silver ranking. Lets just relax a little here.

And just FYI, I’m also a D.va main and play DPS. I just always get stuck with Mercy because no one ever wants to play her! I wonder why…

For the most part, I love playing as a healer and supporting the team. I am pretty good at it, there’s just a small handful of players who get on my nerves. Usually, people who play most Overwatch heroes, know what it’s like to be a Mercy.

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