HUGE Collective Autumn Haul - Beauty, Homeware and Clothing!

Over the course of a couple weeks, I spent more than I should have, on perhaps some unnecessary things. Of course this can only been one thing... a HAUL POST! Yay!


I got the most gorgeous autumnal matte lipsticks for the Sleek Matte Me range. They're stunning. I got the shades Vino Tinto, Old Hollywood and Velvet Slipper. I rave about these lipsticks a lot, they're super matte, long lasting and don't smudge. Want to see swatches? - Click Here

I've been wanting to try the Makeup Revolution eye-shadow palettes for quite some time, since I use their contour palette. I got the Flawless 2, because the shades were just perfect for me. It's full of 32 pretty pigmented neutral and warm tones. I've used this palette a couple of times now and it's genuinely perfect for Autumn makeup looks. Click Here and Here to see a couple looks I've done.

I saw on Tam Beauty that the Freedom Pro Artist Pad was on sale for half price! I just had to snatch the deal, I couldn't help myself. As I'm studying Beauty Therapy and I'm an aspiring Makeup Artist, I knew this would be a great basic palette for my kit.

Since I'm learning about the importance of skincare on my course, I'm on the hunt for a moisturiser that works best for my skin. I got the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser and the Nivea Soft to try out. They're both affordable, and well recommended online.

My Rimmel Clear Complexion tragically broke and smashed into a thousand pieces, yes my heart stopped for a moment too. But I took it as an opportunity to try a brand new powder and opted for the Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte, which I've used a few times now. It's amazing and may end up being my new staple!

I'm always partial to a good old hot bubble bath in the Autumn, so I grabbed this Radox Shea Butter & Ginger bubble bath, which smells divine. It's perfect for this time of year. Not only is it very moisturising, but it smells quite festive, without the price tag!

I picked up my trusty Batiste Dry Shampoo in cherry. Not an awful lot to say about this, I find it's the most effective dry shampoo... and I like cherry scented things.


I had a bit of a moment when shopping, and picked up some bits and pieces for the house and my bedroom. First this was this adorable Halloween Cupcake Kit, which I absolutely didn't need, but got it anyway.

I've been interested in trying these kinds of products, so when I saw this Vanilla Reed Diffuser for just £1, I had to try it out. It'll look cute sitting on my shelf, and it's not a completely useless product since it should give a nice smell to my bedroom that forever smells like my Jack Russells.

Now, I'm the person that goes "I don't understand the obsession with pineapples", and then buys a Ceramic Pineapple Ornament. Yep. Why? Because it was £1.

I want to change the way I display my memories in my room, and I loved how simple this frame was. I like how it brings a small pop of colour into my room as well. I'll probably change the coloured pegs for simple brown ones, but other than that, I love it.

My room is always messy because I have no where to put the small things that just don't have a home. This small Ceramic Heart Dish will hopefully help stop my tippex pens and bobby pins from disappearing!

Another very cute heart frame with wooden detail. Small and simple.

This fairly thick, and hefty heart frame with floral detail was just £1 too! Can you believe that?!

I love how cute fairy lights look in my room, but the only ones I have are quite bulky with very thick green wiring. I thought these Micro LED Heart Lights would be a great addition to my bedroom, especially as the wire is thin and clear, so won't look too "in your face".

Anyone that knows me, knows I just cannot look after plants. They don't just die, they literally kill themselves and I have no idea why. I try so hard to look after them! So I'm now opting for fake plants. I don't want anymore plant deaths on my conscience. I got this Fake Orchid to as some colour to my room.


I didn't get too much clothing as I already have a fair few autumnal pieces, and my wardrobe is bursting. But I only own one pair of high-waisted jeans, which are black, so I grabbed these Denim High-waisted Jeans with ripped detail from Primark. I love Primark for jeans, I find they're always the best fit on my pear shaped body.

I saw this very pretty Black Floral Tee with Criss-Cross detail in the sale, for just £3! They didn't have my usual size, so I went a size up, and I'm glad it still looks okay. It looks like it's supposed to be oversized, so it all worked out!

I forever wear jumpers in Autumn and Winter so I picked up this Loose Knit Criss-Cross Jumper in a very muted dusty rose colour. It's very comfortable to wear, and looks oversized and long-line. 

I needed a new bag, because my usual go-to black bag has a hole in it! I found this very simple Black Pleather Bag in Primark. It has so many different pockets which is always handy, and has an adjustable strap. It also doesn't look "plastic" like some pleather bags can; it looks pretty good quality.

I definitely didn't need the majority of these things, but I'm a very impulsive buyer. I hope this was a nice little read anyway. I quite like seeing what other people are enjoying and buying, so feel free to send me your haul posts!

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