The Best Drugstore Lashes and Nails: Kiss Products

Get elegant nails and alluring lashes in seconds, at a fantastic price. Kiss products are a long time favourite of mine, so when I was asked if I wanted to be sent some products**, of course, I'd jump at the opportunity.  I used to struggle to find lashes that I loved but now I needn't look any further with this fabulous stash.

I'm a sucker for the natural look, and these Look So Natural lashes in Pretty are perfect. The band is almost invisible, so they blend seamlessly to your own lashes. They give you a lovely amount of length without being obviously fake. These are particularly good for classic events like weddings when you want to have a romantic look.

Now, I've always had trouble with my nails. My natural nails are short, stubby and not that attractive. These imPress One-Step Gels are perfect for a quick fix when your nails aren't at their best, and you need them looking suave asap. I like how quick, and easy these are to use. It makes last minute plans or events where you forgot to do your nails a heck of a lot less stressful. 

I was so excited when I saw these Lash Couture lashes in Midnight in the packages. I'm not a one for wearing heavy lashes regularly, but for me, these would be absolutely ideal for Halloween looks. They feel amazingly soft, and they were much lighter on the lid than I expected. I'm so used to thicker lashes being heavy, but these were a dream to wear.

These stunning Gel Fantasy nails in peach and glitter are the perfect subtle, girly addition to a look whether you're dressing up for an event or heading out with the girls. They're so easy to apply and come with a good range of sizes! I think I'll actually wear these at Christmas myself!

Want the classic fluttering lashes look? How cute are these Blooming Lashes in Lily. They're beautiful, and the curl is so subtle but very effective. Again, the band is almost invisible so they blend very well into your own lashes and they feel extremely comfortable to wear.

Let's not forget a staple product with all these gorgeous lashes to try out. The Lash Couture Adhesive is a brilliant long lasting glue, that doesn't feel too heavy or sticky on your eyes. The brush applicator makes it very easy to apply compared to the plastic applicators that most glues come with. It also removes easily, without damaging your own natural eyelashes.

Let me know what your favourite lashes and nails are from the Kiss range, I'm always looking to try out more!


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