Our Time: Juice Festival @ Great North Museum

On Saturday 21st October (8pm to 11pm), I'll be attending the Our Time event hosted by Juice Festival at the Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne.

It's a fabulous event for over 16s, and it's only £5!

It's a party by and for young people in the area and is inspired by Freedom City 2017. There will be live music, bar and food pop-ups, as well as some brilliant artists in the lineup.

It's supposed to be immersive, fun and empowering and I can't wait to see what it's like. It's amazing to see a fun event for young people including things like free speech, LGBTQ celebration, equality and history. But in the form of a fun, and inspiring festival.

Have a little look at the line up:

For £5 this most definitely looks like it would be a pretty cool night out with your friends so grab your tickets HERE and hopefully I might see you on the night! If you do spot me, please come say hello!

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