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I've always been an advocate for feeding dogs the best possible diet you can afford. I used to feed both my dogs a fresh, raw meat diet but when I moved back home with my family; I wasn't able to store the food anymore. So I started searching for the next best thing. 

Quick note! This item was gifted from the lovely people at Pure Pet Food, BUT I've have been using this food and purchasing it myself with my own money before I was sent this box to review!

Pure Pet Food Naturally Dehydrated dog food is a freeze dried, grain free food with probably the best ingredients I've seen in commercially bought dog food, apart from premade raw foods. Freeze dried food is better than the usual "kibble" because it retains a lot more of the nutritional content as opposed to when it's been highly processed with preservatives and additives. 

Let's take a little look at the ingredients...

When looking for a good dog food, the main ingredient should be a named meat source. Not "meat and animal derivatives", and I would personally avoid any dog food that doesn't state exactly what meat they're using in the ingredient list. I also think a good dog food is best when it's grain free, because grains are very difficult for dogs to digest. I also 100% avoid any food with artificial colourings, e numbers, sunset yellow, tartrazine, and titanium dioxide. Dogs can be hyper enough without adding any of that rubbish into their system. 

I'm so pleased that the Pure Pet Food Fish Supper recipe is clean. White Fish (25%), Parsnip, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Egg (15%), Coconut, Spinach, Minerals. It sounds like something humans would eat! Well guess what, it's also human grade food, so it's completely safe for us to eat if we wanted to. 

It's extremely easy to use as well. There's only a small amount of preparation! So for example, my Daisy is 5kg, and needed 1 scoop of food. I added 1 scoop of water and mixed it, after 5 minutes the food has soaked in all the water and it's ready to serve! The shelf life of the food when dry is around 12 months but once water is added it needs to be treated like fresh food, refrigerated and used within 48 hours.

You can even add some of your own fresh foods into it as well, like carrots, other bits of meat and egg. But it's a complete and balanced meal so it is totally fine to feed as a stand-alone meal too. Both my dogs, Charlie and Daisy, absolutely love this food, and I will continue to feed them it. 

As I said before I'd always recommend feeding the best food you possibly can. I would give this food a very solid 10/10 based on the quality of ingredients, ease of preparation, storage and how much my dogs love it!

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*Gifted item. All opinions are my own.

"At Pure Pet Food our mission is to make healthy choices for pets easy and accessible. All of our meals are lovingly made at our very own human grade food facility in Yorkshire, UK. 

Owners simply add water and serve creating a healthy, fresh meal in minutes!"

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