Health Is Not A Competition.

You see it time and time again, where people constantly compare different illnesses or different variations of the same illness. There’s always someone “worse off” than you and that somehow means you have no right to feel any pain or discomfort, or even have any struggles of your own.

It’s a shame that in this day and age, people are made to feel like their own, individual struggles are less significant than others because “they’re worse than you”. The fact is, everyone is different, and we all cope in our own way. Someone with a very advanced, terminal disease could cope extremely well because that’s their strong, personality. While someone with the exact same disease may need more support physically and mentally to deal with the cards they've been dealt.

Equally, those with less threatening, but also painful illnesses; may have people who cope extremely well and live their best possible life, while others need much more support and help.
The same goes for mental health. Some people take medication, attend therapy and can improve using the strategies they learn along the way. Other people may continually struggle, and may not benefit from the same service.

Pain, discomfort, struggle, illness. It’s all relative to the person experiencing it.

"On a scale of 1-10, how bad is your pain?" I hate when Doctors ask this. Your pain threshold may be completely different to someone else’s.

Your struggles do not make someone else's insignificant. 

There are so many factors contributing to how people cope, and it’s not just down to the condition or illness itself either. You might be struggling financially. You might have problems at home. You might be stressed. Often these are triggers for illnesses, which makes them worse. It can become a vicious cycle without some kind of help.

“There are people out there dying, you’re fine, stop complaining”.

You are an individual. You do not have to pretend to be OK just because other people are. Or because someone is "worse". You are allowed to feel your own pain.

You certainly do not have to justify yourself.

As a society, with the issues we all face, it would be much better to help each other, regardless of how "serious" you might think their issue is. There are far too many people sitting in the dark, hiding their problems, because of how people might react. We need to change this.

You deserve the right help and support, no matter how big or how small your struggle is.

It’s not a competition on who’s worse. Your health is as important as anyone else’s no matter what.

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