My Geek Box Unboxing September 2017

I have to say, this month, I'm super impressed with My Geek Box. I got 7 items this time, AND it arrived before the end of the month for the first time! There was such a good mix of items this time and I'm very pleased.

The first item, I was very excited about. For the re-release of the new adaptation of Stephen King's IT we all got this T-Shirt, that seems very "banksy" in style. I love it. It's very soft to wear and I absolutely adore the design. It's very up my street. I'm a horror film fanatic and loved the new adaptation of IT. 

This YUBI Fingerine of Groot and Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy to celebrate GotG Vol. 2 is such a cute little addition to the box. I've personally never seen these fingerines before; they're rubber finger puppets - but I believe people keep them as collectables. There is a whole set of characters to collect. 

 Next is this quirky Doctor Who Construction Kit which would be a very nice gift for Doctor Who lovers out there like myself. It says it's glue and paint free, so it should be simple to make. The character I got was Madame Vastra, and while I love Doctor Who, a more relevant character would have been a bit more interesting, in my opinion!

I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones so these magnets are really nice touch. Obviously these magnets were more relevant back when Baratheon was a more prominent house in the show, but it's still a great little set. I'm always torn between whether I prefer Targaryen or Stark! These magnets are great quality from what I can see, and not the very thin and flimsy style you would expect.

This pretty decent sized Batgirl Figurine would look great in any collectors display, and it will look just as amazing on my shelves. I love figurines, and I'm really pleased to have gotten a female figure, as I do mostly keep females on my bookcase!

I missed out on the air freshener last month, it just didn't arrive in my box! This Ray Gun Car Freshener is a cute, and simple thing to get. It would please most people. It certainly reminds me of Futurama, and I'll definitely be hanging this in my car. It didn't actually have much of a smell, but at least it looks good!

Lastly we got another classic comic which My Geek Box is known for. I don't remember recieving a comic last month, so it was nice to see this Dark Souls Comic in the bottom of the box. I'll certainly be leaving this on my bed side table to have a read. Dark Souls is a great game so I'm sure the comic will be just as good!

7 items is a record high so far with My Geek Box. And I say month after month that I do genuinely think these boxes are worth the money. £16 for all these items is pretty decent! I'm so glad I switched from Birchbox to My Geek Box.

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