The Body Shop Expert Facial Mask Range Review

When I attended The Body Shop Bloggers Event at intu Eldon Square, I was kindly gifted samples of the new Expert Facial Mask Range, and I straight away knew I wanted to review them. It's taken several weeks to try all of these out because I didn't want to overload my skin with different products, so I took my time and had a little pamper session each weekend - perfect excuse! These masks are 100% vegan OR vegetarian and retail at £17.00 for a 75ml pot.

Amazonian Acai (vegan)

This mask claims to "re-energise"  and help fatigued skin using acai berry, guarana and babassu oil. It was a jelly-like texture with visible pips inside, which for me felt very odd as a mask. It had a very pleasant, sweet smell to it. While the mask was on, it did have a stimulating feel to it, like when you use citrus or mint based shower gels. The small exfoliating pips left my skin feeling very soft after washing it off, and it was very easy to rinse off. I'd certainly recommend this mask for people with both dry and oily skin. 

British Rose (vegan)

The Britsh Rose Mask claims to be "refreshing" and "moisturising", using rose petals, rose essence, rosehip oil and aloe vera. This was similar in texture to the Amazonian Acai mask, in that it was very jelly-like, and it's had a very fresh, floral scent to it. It was very softening on the skin. I did find it made the redness of my spots slightly worse after washing it off. However, this mask would be amazing for people with dry skin who want to boost some moisture back into their skin.

Chinese Ginseng & Rice (vegetarian)

This was my 2nd favourite mask out of all of them. It claims to "clarify" and "revitalise" your skin using rice and ginseng extracts from China, alongside sesame seed oil. It was more clay-like in texture but without the drying effect most clay masks usually have. It felt fairly gritty when applying, which acted as an exfoliator when washing off. It created a tingling sensation which always makes me feel like the product is doing its job to deep clean your pores. It had a very pleasant spiced scent to it, and would be particularly good for combination to oily skin.

Ethiopian Honey (vegetarian)

Another jelly textured mask which claims to be "replenishing" and "nourishing" using community trade honey, marula oil and olive oil. It had a very strong honey scent to it, which I found overpowering and a little unpleasant. It seemed to get stickier during the 10 minutes it was left on my face, which made it quite difficult to wash off (it took 3 washes). It did, however, leave my skin feeling soft, but I found a weird residue was left on my face, and it needed further rinsing and came off best with a damp facecloth. This mask would definitely be great for people with dry to normal skin, but didn't agree too well with my oily skin.

Himalayan Charcoal (vegan)

My favourite out of all 5 masks. This did wonders for my oily, blemished skin. It claims to be "purifying" using bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and tea tree oil. It's a typical clay mask, that dries on the skin. It was very cooling, with a tingling sensation and had a very fresh scent. It was very easy to wash off as it just melted in warm water and it let my skin feeling amazing. It seemed to remove any excess oil and I had noticed reduced redness around my spots. I wouldnt recommend this product for dry skin, because it contains tea tee oil, which can be very drying as it is.

I thoroughly enjoyed trying out all five masks, and out of all of them, I would definitely purchase the Himalayan Charcoal. They all have different properties which suit different skin types and needs, which is why a couple didn't quite work well with me, but would probably work very well for someone else. I would say if you want good quality skincare, these are great, cruelty-free options that don't break the bank. They aren't high end, but they are on the higher side of the drugstore price range. I'd say they're 100% worth it.

Have you tried these masks? Let me know which was your favourite!

**Gifted items. Not a sponsored post.

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