My Geek Box Unboxing October 2017

Let's take a little look at what was inside the October My Geek Box!

The first item was this sturdy metal wall sign with Daredevil on it. I was quite impressed with the quality of the sign, it was very thick and quite heavy. It did look super cool, but it doesn't fit in with the aesthetic of my room. I think it would be a fab gift for a marvel fan!

Next up was this Judge Dredd helmet ornament. I was very unsure about this item. I'm not sure how many people are interested in Judge Dredd nowadays but I know it's not really my thing. Not just because it's Judge Dredd but also, why would I want a tiny plastic helmet...?

I was quite impressed with this Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk bowl. It's the perfect size for cereal or snacks, and was very good quality. I love The Avengers and most Marvel characters, including The Hulk. I think my little brother might just like this a bit more than me, so I might give him it. It'll be hard to give it up though because I'm currently picturing a Marvel film day with popcorn in this bowl!

Every month there's always a themed t-shirt, and this month we got a horror arcade one with a cute ghost! You can't quite see in the photo but there was raised detail on the ghost too, which was a nice little touch. The material was soft and stretchy, and much more comfortable than previous t-shirts in these boxes.

And of course, with the release of Destiny 2 (which I may have already completed the story on), comes a gorgeous metallic poster. It's a great A3 size, and looks absolutely stunning in person. I don't think the photo does it as much justice. I can actually see my reflection in the background that's how shiny it is. I love Destiny, and would love to have this up in my room in a frame. I just have to find the space for it!

This months box was a little bit on and off. There were a couple really good items, that I'm really happy with; and a couple that isn't very interesting at all. Overall I am pleased with the content and like I say every month - I do think they're well worth the price!

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