Following on from my Gift Guide for Girls, of course, I had to do a one for boys. And while I am not a boy myself, and while lists are usually non-exhaustive - I'm mostly basing this list on the kinds of boys and men I buy for in my life. So it may not be perfect for every single man out there, I do hope someone finds it useful.

As with my other gift guide, I wanted to create a TOP 10 AFFORDABLE GIFTS FOR GUYS UNDER £25, for your boyfriends, brothers, best friends and more!

1)  Gaming Accessories

I don't know about you, but every boy in my life is a gamer. My brother, boyfriend and most of my guy-friends all game in one way or another, and you can never be short of useful accessories to make the experience more fun and immersive. These accessories below are all currently available from GAME, and are all under £25, which is a total bargain. Not to mention, SteelSeries and Razer are great high-quality brands too.

2) Beard Kits

Everyone and their uncle has a beard nowadays, and it's become a very popular fashion trend. Beards don't always become beautiful masterpieces without some TLC, just like how we care for the hair on our head. These beard kits from Boots are great little gifts and most of them are on offer at the moment. Boots are usually great for their Christmas gift set offers!

3) Pop Vinyls

Pop Vinyls are extremely popular at the moment and they're brilliant because of their affordability (being anywhere between £7 and £20), but they make characters from almost every TV show, movie and game. A few brilliant examples for this Christmas are below. Everyone loved this year's Rick and Morty season, and not forgetting Game of Thrones. with the release of Thor Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I thought they would be fab additions. All the guys in my life absolutely loved Blizzcon, and how Sylvanas was portrayed in the new World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth cinematic so she would be a fabulous addition to any WoW lovers collection - she proudly sits on my own shelf!

4) This Years Popular Blu-rays

My boyfriend always says he's easy to buy for because you can always count on a decent blu-ray. With the release of so many amazing films this year, there's so many to choose from. All of this films below, from 2017, are all under £20.

5) Lush Gift Sets

Bath sets are often underrated by men. I know that my boyfriend certainly loves a good, relaxing bath and the odd bath bomb or two. It's usually something that men don't buy themselves (since the majority are aimed at women through marketing), so getting them as a gift is a great idea. These sets below are particularly good for men if they don't want to whole pink and glitter bath, although, it's a bath so they probably don't really care too much! All of these gift sets are under £20.

6) Primark Pyjamas

I have to say, the website was disappointing when I was collecting pictures, because there were SO many more interesting ones that I've seen in-store, but here's a few from the website. Primark are brilliant for relevant, fashionable and affordable pyjamas, and who doesn't love a nice, new pair at Christmas? All of these below ranged from £8 to £16.

7) Fragrances at Boots and Superdrug

Fragrances are always a really good gift for people in general. At the moment, Boots and Superdrug have some amazing deals, and all of these fragrances below are £25 and under. Some of them have even HALVED in price in the run up to Christmas, which is absolutely amazing!

8) Graphic Tee's 

Is it just me or are men always wear graphic tee's if they aren't wearing a shirt? Here's a few that I would definitely buy the men in my life. All of these tee's were £20 and under. The Princess Leia one was from Primark, the Playstation one from New Look, and the rest are easily found on Amazon.

9) Star Wars Gifts

Since I've already mentioned them a lot, I thought I might as well make a section just for Star Wars. Especially with the release of The Last Jedi this month, it's going to be a hot topic for a lot of fans out there. Some of these gifts below were from New Look and some from Amazon, but ALL were £25 and under at the moment. I personally LOVE that stormtrooper decanter.

10) Marvel & DC Gifts

And just like above, Marvel and DC will be hot this Christmas with all the amazing films released this year... from Wonder Woman, to Justice League, Thor Ragnarok and Spriderman Homecoming, there's plenty of gifts under £25. Below are a few examples from Primark and Amazon.

I do hope this gift guide was useful, and like my gift guide for girls - of course it always depends on an individual's interests. I did base this guide of the men I know personally, but I thought they might be a good starting point.  As always I want to know what YOU think would be great affordable gifts for men and boys... I'm always on the hunt for fab bargains!

Have a lovely Christmas! 🎅

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