A look back on 2017: My Life.

I really like seeing what others have achieved in the year, and what they’ve overcome… I thought I would make a similar post. Mainly, for me to look back on, and be able to remember not only my accomplishments but also the things I’ve struggled with and come through stronger. 2017 was a big year for me in many ways; perhaps not big in comparison to others who maybe got their first home or had a baby, but I definitely feel like I achieved a lot, and met some real personal goals!

January 2017

I had my first ever personal trainer session at the gym and I was very proud of myself (I didn’t keep it up.)

We went on Eric’s belated work Christmas do because they made it January instead of December (not sure why) at The Earl of Pitt Street, Newcastle.

February 2017

Eric and I went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the theatre, it was lovely!

I had my last day as a Deputy Manager at a preschool after 2 years, I got so many flowers, cards and gifts and it was very emotional. I was leaving for a similar job with more hours, so I could save up more money for a house.

Eric and I visited our friends who lived in Bracknell at the time. We went to Stonehenge, Clearwell Caves and played games while we ate pizza.

I started Skinnypigs Fitness Classes (I didn’t keep it up).

March 2017

I had my last session at Cognitive Behavioural Therapy because my anxiety and depression improved, and I felt like I left with some useful coping mechanisms!

I started my new job as a Deputy Manager in a different preschool, which I thought was really going to make a difference to me and Eric getting a home (I was wrong).

I kept up Skinnypigs twice a week for the whole month – I was so proud of myself!

April 2017

I turned 24 on the 22nd April. I celebrated with a meal and drinks with friends.

My illness started to get worse even though it had recently improved. My colitis was flaring. I wasn’t enjoying my new job which was creating a lot of stress and affecting my anxiety and depression. I was placed on heavier drugs.

Eric took me to a beautiful lodge in the Lake District for my birthday. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect – despite being very poorly with my colitis and tonsillitis, I loved it.

May 2017

I got sicker and ended up off work with a sicknote. I was experiencing gaslighting at work, and found myself crying most days.

I did the Crohn’s and Colitis WALK IT Charity Event despite being very poorly. It was silly hot weather for the UK so I was super sweaty.

May was a difficult month. I was more depressed, and very anxious about everything – work, my illness, going out.

I decided to quit the job that was making my illness worse, that I worked so hard for a year to improve. I handed in my notice.

I had an MRI scan on my spine to check for Arthritis, and it was good news. No Arthritis!

June 2017

I was unemployed properly for the first time since I was 18, and was in a dark place in my life.
I decided to start blogging and YouTube to fill a lot of my new spare time!

I got a professional photoshoot from Sit Stay Capture for my puppies before they get very grey. I wanted to remember their youthful faces!

I had several job interviews with no luck – so I kept myself busy with a regular blog schedule and lots of social media promotion.

I had my 3rd Flexible Sigmoidoscopy in 10 months because of my stupid Colitis, I hate those things.

July 2017

I went on my first hen do with a friend, and really enjoyed it!

I signed on to Universal Credit because I was struggling to find a paid job, and was so worried about bills! My first time on benefits and for some reason I felt ashamed…

I quickly got over people’s judgements about being unemployed and on benefits. I worked solidly for many years – if I need some support temporarily, I’ll take it.

August 2017

Eric turned 26 and we celebrated with a meal and drinks, and doing an Escape Room with friends.

I went wedding dress shopping with one of my best friends, and cried when she found ‘the one’!

Eric and I attended a friend’s wedding together with our group of friends, it was lovely!

I went to my first bloggers event, and it was with The Body Shop. I was so happy my blog was doing well!

Eric and I went on our first holiday abroad that we’d waited over a year for! We went to Ibiza and it couldn’t have went any better. We enjoyed the Hippy Market, Ibiza Old Town, live singers and lots and lots of food.

I enrolled to go back to college and change my life. I decided to do Beauty Therapy.

September 2017

I started college. I was extremely anxious about it, but I’m so proud of myself for making such a big decision!

My blog hit 10,000 views. I was over the moon! All the hard work was paying off.

October 2017

I went on a Speed Awareness Course because I was stupid and did 36 in a 30 zone. I have never gone over the speed limit since.

I started getting invited to more blogger events, like with intu Metrocentre!

We celebrated my 2nd favourite holiday… Halloween! Eric and I dressed as a Day of the Dead couple.

November 2017

Eric and I went to see the fireworks at Whitley Bay for Bonfire Night.

I started feeling better in myself… both mentally and physically. So, I started a new gym membership. I went to Yoga and Pilates.

I had my first ever smear test. Got freaked out that I bled a lot, but I had good results!

December 2017

Eric and I went to Edinburgh for the day. Our first weekend away almost 3 years ago was Edinburgh, so it was lovely to go back. We explored the Christmas market and made a day of it.

I had my final assessments at college for my first term. I had convinced myself that I’d do badly, but I left with 3 distinctions and a merit!

I got referred to the Breast Clinic for a cancer scare and had an ultrasound scan. It was good news, and it was just that… a scare and nothing more. It was a very stressful week as you can imagine!
Because my Colitis wasn’t improving, I was put on even more drugs (I was already taking a hefty amount).

I arranged a blogger night out with some local bloggers and I was so proud of myself for overcoming my anxiety on this one! Everyone was lovely, and I thought it went really well.

Eric had his Christmas work night out at Jesmond Dene House… so technically we had 2 Christmas nights in one year!

My blog hit 20,000 views! I was ecstatic.

I completed a spray tan course and became qualified!

I stuck at my new gym membership – a first for me!

Celebrated Christmas with lots of family and friends.

Saw the New Year in with Eric and our closest friends.

I’m still unemployed, and my Colitis may not have improved. But I achieved so much in other ways with changing my career path, going back to college, not allowing a workplace to treat me the way they did, and achieving so much through my blog and YouTube.

I’ve received so much support from the people around me, and I’m also really proud of myself for the choices I’ve made and the things I’ve achieved. I’m really hopeful that 2018 will bring even more accomplishments! 

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