Cheap or Free Date Ideas!

To celebrate the fact it's now February, and I'm always a sucker for the run up to Valentines Day, I thought I'd share some date ideas that I've done with my boyfriend, or plan to do in the future. They're great if you're on a budget, and you certainly don't need a lot of money to enjoy some quality time with your loved one!

  1. Have fish n' chips at the coast.
  2. Long, cosy walks... dogs optional!
  3. Local free museums and galleries.
  4. Cinema night... or movie night at home!
  5. Bake cakes together.
  6. Go to a dog or cat cafe.
  7. Visit landmarks at local cities or even your own city!
  8. Have a karaoke night with your favourite songs and musicals. 
  9. Go bowling.
  10. Have a couple photoshoot together with your own cameras.
  11. Have a picnic.
  12. Enjoy some amusements, even just 2 pence machines!
  13. Go on a scenic bike ride.
  14. Play co-op video games together, or have a general gaming day.
  15. Go ice skating.
  16. Go to a trampoline park together.
  17. Find a new, quirky cafe you've never been to.
  18. Sample foods at a world food buffet.
  19. Go to a dessert restaurant and enjoy sundaes and waffles.
  20. Have a pamper night together, with facemasks and massages.

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