May Favourites 2018

Wow, it's May already and the weather this month in the UK has been glorious, and reaching as high as 24 degrees in Newcastle! I certainly have a lot to talk about this month in terms of experiences, but let's start off with a few beauty favourites!

I've never really been into tanning like a lot of the girls I know. However, since I did a tanning module in college, I've become hooked on the thought of looking like a bronzed goddess! I even went and bought the exact same tanning lotion that my course used, I liked it that much. As far as I could see from my little internet research - Crazy Angel products are cruelty-free as a couple forums had emailed them, and they also don't sell in China (please, do tell me if I'm wrong on this!!).

I also finally ran out of my mascara and was able to replace it with a cruelty-free alternative. I went for the Nyx Worth The Hype mascara. It's definitely lengthening, but not so much the volumising that it claims. It does do exactly what I need, however, and is only £9 in Boots.

My next favourite is actually new in the beauty world for once! Usually, I'm super late to the trends, but I got this Revolution Renaissance Flick Eyeliner in Superdrug for just £5. My goodness, this eyeliner is insane! It's very pigmented, glides on like a dream and has a brilliant fine nib for doing more detailed looks.

One of the absolute best favourites this month for me was the fact that I got to see Thirty Seconds To Mars live at the This Is Tomorrow Festival in Newcastle. It was part of their Monolith Tour, after the release of their new album. It was incredible and the atmosphere was just astonishing. Jared Leto is such a talented singer, who made the experience so immersive for the audience by really involving them. I did vlog it, so if you'd like a good glimpse of what it was like, check out my YouTube video!

The second experience that is a firm favourite of my entire life nevermind just May, is the fact I was on a blogging panel for the Blogging & Influencing 2018 event in Newcastle. I already blogged about this whole event, and vlogged it - but I'm genuinely just so proud of myself. I'm proud of how far I've come with my anxiety to be able to do this event, and of how far my blog itself has come to have given me this opportunity. 

I feel like this favourites post is rather long, but I have a couple of TV and film favourites to pop in! The first one is The Great British Bake Off, which Eric and I have been binge watching all the way from season 1! We've been watching this almost every day and I am well and truly addicted.

And last but not least, it has to be Avengers Infinity War. Don't worry, there are no spoilers. It looked stunning, the story was incredible, and it was very emotional. That's all I have to say about it. If you haven't seen it yet, then what the heck are you doing?! Go see it immediately!!

What a jam-packed month, it really has been one of the best months I've had for ages. How has your month been, with all this fabulous weather!

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