Burned Face SFX Makeup: HALLOWEEK DAY 1

Trigger Warning: graphic content – but it’s all fake and just makeup!

Welcome to a new series here on my blog! Halloweek! Monday to Friday this week there’ll be a new blog post each day on a Halloween makeup look. Today I’ll explain, as best as I can, how I created this burned face SFX makeup – while I’m no SFX expert by any means at all, I have a rough idea of how to work with liquid latex and paints. I’m sure in a years time, I’ll look back at this with loads of ways to improve it, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

You’ll need:
Liquid Latex
Tissue Paper
Face Paints (reds, browns, blacks)
Fake Blood

I started with half my face makeup done on one side – just my usual foundation, contouring, eyeliner and such. That’s just because I enjoy wearing makeup and I liked the contrast. But you don’t need to have one half of your face with makeup on like this to get the same effect. I also made the eye on the side I wanted to be burnt all black, just using a basic black eyeshadow.

On the side I wanted to “burn”, I made sure my skin was nice and clean. I started applying a thin layer of liquid latex to my face, ensuring I didn’t touch my eyebrow. If you want to cover your eyebrow, glue it down with a glue stick and put Vaseline over the top, to prevent the latex from pulling out any hairs.

I layered bits of ripped tissue paper on my face quite randomly, with no real pattern. I put more liquid latex on top and repeated this process, making sure each layer was completely dry before continuing - until I felt like my face was of a good, bumpy, uneven texture.

I used a light wash of foundation all over the “burn” but with a slightly darker colour to what I’d usually use. I then used red and black face paint over the latex burns to create a bloody effect. I

I also used fake blood and a blood spray to give the effect of open and fresh wounds, letting some of it drip down my face towards my neck. To finish, I used lubricant, (yep, good old lube), on my burns to make them look moist and even more fresh out the fire.

If you replicate this look, I’d love to see them! Tag me on Instagram and use #BecxHalloweek so I can find them! It's such a simple, easy way to get into SFX makeup since most of the products used are so accessible. 

Happy Halloweek Day 1! See you tomorrow 😉

** I'm writing this note after this post was written and scheduled. Since posting this, I've realised, thanks to a friend who let me know, that using a disfigurement (such as a burn victim), can come across as offensive. Disfigurements are not costumes. It hadn't occurred to me before that it was insensitive of me to do this look - but rather than removing the post, or pretending like it didn't happen - I thought why not use it to inform others what I've learned. The techniques above can still be used for Halloween costumes like DC's "Two Face" or Harvey Dent. But please be mindful of what you dress as for Halloween. 

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