Melting Half Skull - HALLOWEEK DAY 5

It’s Friday, Halloweek Day 5, which means this is the last Halloween look I’ll be posting on my blog this year. But make sure you follow me on Instagram because I’ll continue to post SFX makeup and the likes on there. This last look was requested by a friend, who wanted to see a half skull look. I had seen lots of people do various versions of a half skull, and my favourite by far was by Desi Perkins on YouTube.

You’ll Need:
White & Black Face Paint
Liquid Latex
Standard Eye Makeup
Black Eyeshadow
Colourless Powder

I started by using a very small amount of white to map out where I wanted the skull to start and end. It was just a very rough guide so I could get started on the “normal” part of my face. For that, I just did my usual makeup and a smoky eye. You, of course, don’t need to wear any makeup at all, or you can play around with different eyeshadow colours and looks. I did my foundation right up to where I drew the guidelines before.

For the skull, I started on the cheek below the “normal” eye and went around where all the melted parts will be with black. I mixed in some white to create more grey areas, and to give the illusion of shading. I used the black to make the other eye area look like a skull eye socket, and started on the nose and cheekbone. I made sure I worked hard on shading, using white to create grey the closer the cheekbone got to my mouth. You can use lots of skull reference pictures on Google to play around with how you’d like your shape and style to be.

I then used the white face paint all over the rest of my face that was left. I had to do a couple of layers to make sure it was opaque enough.

For the teeth, I used a very fine detailer brush to map out the outline with black. I used any leftover paint on the brush to do the shading around the teeth. I went in with the white face paint to define them and make them look whiter than the rest of my face. I applied colourless powder everywhere, to make it matte and likely to last.

Then for the fun part, the melting skin! I know Desi used 3D gel to create her drips, but it’s not easily accessible and it’s not particularly cheap. A cheaper alternative, that most SFX lovers already own is using flesh coloured liquid latex. You could also use regular liquid latex, but colour with paints or your foundation. I poured the latex into a small disposable plastic pot and used the opposite end of my brush to apply it. It’s important to not use the bristle part of your brush because it will damage it. I picked up quite a bit of product on the end of my brush, and applied it onto the guideline of my skull, allowing it to drip down on my face (do not allow this to go into your eyes!).

Once I felt like the whole guideline was covered by latex, and there were enough drips to look satisfyingly melted, I used a hairdryer to dry the latex quicker. I used a little more of my foundation to cover the line between latex and my skin, so it blended better.

Looking back I would have used white latex and coloured it myself, as the flesh colour latex was a little dark for my natural skin tone. I’m super pale so I should have guessed that really! If you recreate this look, I’d love to see your pictures on Instagram, so please tag me and use the hashtag #BecxHalloweek! I hope you enjoyed all my Halloween looks this year, I definitely enjoyed doing them, and I’ve already started thinking about next years looks!


  1. This looks amazing - wish I could do something like that but I'm hopeless when it comes to anything that involves make up!