Zombie Mouth SFX Makeup - HALLOWEEK DAY 3

Trigger Warning: graphic content - but it's all fake and just makeup!

We’re half way through! For day 3 of #BecxHalloweek, I thought I’d show you this zombie mouth SFX makeup look that is of course, heavily inspired by the one and only Mykie from Glam and Gore. I love this makeup, and it is the perfect gory look for Halloween if you want to have impact.

You’ll Need:
Liquid Latex
Cotton Wool Balls
Face Paints (red & black)
Fake Blood
Translucent Powder
Brown and Purple Eyeshadow or Powder

I did my makeup as usual, keeping the lower half of my face below my nose makeup free. You of course, don’t need to do makeup on the rest of your face if you’d prefer not to. I just like to wear makeup!

I started by mapping out where my mouth would go using black face paint. This mean the inside of the “zombie mouth” would be black, and it’s easier to do this first rather than going in with paint later on.

Then I started applying a thin layer of liquid latex to my upper lip. I applied small amounts of cotton wool, dragging some bits downwards so they were hanging. I put more latex on top and allowed it to dry. I moved outwards to where I would want the corners of the mouth to be and bought it to a tip, much like what a normal mouth would look like.

When it was dry I started on the lower half of the mouth, applying liquid latex under my lower lip and on my chin. I added cotton wool the same way as the upper lip, only I dragged some of the wool upwards, connecting it to the zombie mouth at the top. I didn’t let the latex stick to my lips so I could open and close them still.

Once my zombie mouth was forming the shape you see in the photos, I did one more layer of latex to make it a bit smoother and blended the edges into my skin a bit more. I used a small metal carving spatula to make any gaps larger and to move any latex out the way, until I was happy with the overall look.

Once everything was dry, I brushed translucent powder over my mouth to take away any shine from the liquid latex. I then put on foundation, so it matched my skin tone. I used red face paint in and around the gaps, to make them look bloody and wounded. I used black face paint again on all the holes, so the edges of the fake skin look damaged.

I used a brown eyeshadow over the mouth to make it appear more bruised and damaged, with a mix of purple in some parts. Of course, we couldn’t finish without fake blood, so I dripped it where the holes were, as if they were dripping blood down my chin, and used a brush to get some inside them. I sprayed my face carefully with a fake blood spray to create a splattered effect.

I absolutely love this makeup look, it’s spooky, gory and it’s almost like a classic now. I know I say this in every post, but if you try this look after reading this blog, do tag me in your photos! 

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