Fenty Pro Filt'r Foundation Review

Wow, can you believe it’s November already?! After my Halloweek makeup blogs, I took a short break from blogging; But I’m back today with a review of the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation, since we all love a good old review!

Fenty is a brand created by Rihanna, and it’s aimed for all skin types and tones as she felt not all women were included for other makeup brands. Because of this, the range of shades for the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation is astounding. There are a whopping 40 shades from very fair to much darker tones that other brands simply don’t offer.

I’ve been trialling this foundation for a little over a month, and no word of a lie, I loved it so much I even decided to add it to my professional makeup kit for weddings. This foundation is amazing.
I tend to use the shade 160 but can also get away with 140, or even 180 if I have a little fake tan on. I’m usually one of the lightest shades in most other foundations but there are 6 shades lighter than what I am, and that is just brilliant.

I find it applies better with a damp makeup sponge (I use Real Techniques), and what I like the most is the finish. It blends very nicely and is a good medium coverage. It’s also buildable, so when I want a heavier, more full coverage look, I can add a second layer if I want to.

Fenty claim the foundation is a demi-matte, but I personally find it a bit dewier that a demi-matte, but not completely. I find it a little hard to explain! I have quite oily skin, so it’s certainly not matte, but I quite like it. It makes it look and feel more natural and breathable.

I’ve also used it on different skin types for work now, and it seems to suit both oily skin and dry skin. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have severe dry skin conditions, like Eczema or very flaky skin as it may cling… but for regular dry skin, it still worked really well.

It’s long lasting, and I’ve found it’s lasted on my oily skin for a good 10-15 hours. Which is perfect if you’re going out for the day or attending occasions and events. It doesn't separate, or accentuate my pores like other foundations have done in the past. 

The foundation costs £26 in the UK and I’ve found the best place to buy it is from Harvey’s online. The downside is that it’s harder to get a hold of in the UK, which means you can’t pop to your local department store to have the colour matched. If you’re deciding between 2 different colours, I’d recommend going for the lighter one as it does slightly oxidise after application.

It’s slightly cheaper than other high-end foundations, and for the price, I’d certainly say it’s worth it. I’ve really enjoyed using it, and this post isn’t sponsored (I wish!), I just genuinely loved this foundation.

To top it all off, if you didn’t think it could get any better, Fenty’s foundation is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. I mean, how can a foundation be this perfect. I’m so glad I tried it, I’ll probably be using it for a very long time now!

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